Constructing Cultural Contexts: Museum Displays & Power Dynamics

Where does cultural appropriation appear in museum displays? What can we as cultural workers and visitors do to change these paradigms of representation? Join cultural strategist and educator Keonna Hendrick for a conversation on cultural appropriation and strategies for combating it in institutional settings.

Constructing Cultural Contexts is a lecture series that examines how museums can use their collections to address contemporary issues of race, gender, and religion. Each talk is led by an expert in the field, sometimes in conversation with a Walters curator, and highlights different themes.

Museum Displays and Power Dynamics is held in honor of the Walters’ founding Director of Education, Ted Low.

Breaking the Silence of Racism in Museums

In early March I teamed up with Marit Dewhurst, Director of Art Education at City College of New York to present the keynote address at the National Art Education Association (NAEA) Museum Education Division Preconference. This year, the theme of the preconference was Art Museum Educators as Levers of Change. Approximately 400 educators from across North America gathered in New York City to explore how they could support social justice and build diverse and inclusive museums, with specific consideration to racial equity. 

Marit and I have collaborated to introduce art and museum educators to anti-racist strategies through our writing and workshop facilitation for a number of years. In this keynote address, we share some of our findings and best practices for identifyng and dismantling racism in museum education. Enjoy!