Brown Girls Museum Blog                                                               

"A site to promote people of color in the public humanities as emerging professionals, as audience and as cultural creators. BGMB encourages people of color to make space for themselves in the museum, and engage in critical dialogue toward greater diversity and cultural equity. 

The Incluseum      

The Incluseum advances new ways of being a museum through critical discourse, community building and collaborative practice related to inclusion in museums.

Museum Hue                                                                                                   

Museum Hue, an organization that works to increase diversity in patrons, professionals, and cultural producers in the creative economy, recognizes the absence of diversity and inclusion in cultural enclaves. We use our presence and voice to counter this reality, foster agency, and write new narratives for people of color in culture.


#MuseumsRespondToFerguson contains resources and museum-centric responses to current protest movements in the U.S. against police brutality, extrajudicial killings of black people, anti-blackness, and racial injustice.

Museum as Site for Social Action (MASS Action)

The Minneapolis Institute of Art, in collaboration with stakeholders across the field, proposes to provide a platform for dialogues on these topics to take shape publicly and move towards an actionable practice.


#MuseumWorkersSpeak is a collective of activist museum workers interrogating the relationship between museums’ stated commitments to social value and their internal labor practices and an action-oriented platform for social change at the intersection of labor, access, and inclusion.

Visitors of Color                                                                                         

Visitors of Color is a space for museum folks to be able to learn from the perspectives of marginalized people. We also see this as a form of activism--giving folks who may not feel safe or welcome in our institutions a little bit of agency in their relationships with museums. Although we’re called Visitors of Color, we wish to include voices from people of various marginalized communities--ability, gender, sexual orientation, class and so forth. Ultimately, we wish to allow space for the voices of marginalized people to be heard. Our passion is museums, our focus is people, our position is intersectionality.